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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

I use my constantly expanding knowledge of physiology and the sport to guide you toward your personal success.

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Science Backed

I have a degree in Human Health Science with a concentration in Exercise Science,  I regularly read about training modalities, nutrition, supplementation, etc. to determine the most effective training strategy for each athlete, track and analyze metrics to quantify fitness and recovery, and have a passion for learning and having my training philosophy challenged. I have been involved in research with the BEAR Lab (Biomechanics, Ergonomics, and Abilities Research) at OU and I am currently working on a research project with one of the OU Professors and BEAR Lab research leaders on developing a prototype portable metabolic gas analyzer to be used for clinical grade VO2 max and related measures without the need for large, stationary lab equipment.

Race Knowledge

With over 15 years of riding across many disciplines, I understand the physiological and psychological requirements for every athlete regardless of what they are training for. I have competed in races ranging from the shortest, highest intensity Keirin racing to all day mountain bike ultra endurance races, and riding enduro mtb to epic 12 hour gravel rides.



  • USAC Level 3 Coach

  • Bachelor's degree in Human Health Science, Exercise Science at OU

  • Several MI State championships, Midwest Regional Championship, and a US National championship 

  • Athletes I have worked with have achieved several wins in multiple disciplines within our first season together as well as multiple national championship podiums and a win as well.

What To Expect

What are the next steps after enrolling in a coaching program?

Introduction Survey and Trainingpeaks Link

Immediately after purchasing a program, you will receive an email with a survey. This survey will give me all of the necessary information to get started on making the first few weeks of your training plan based on your current availability, past training experience, race and fitness goals, etc. There will also be a link that will connect your personal TrainingPeaks account to my coach account and allow me to start making your plan.

Overview Meeting

After a few days has passed since filling out the survey and linked your TrainingPeaks account, I will have completed the first few weeks of your training based on your responses. An overview meeting will be scheduled on Google meet that allows us to discuss the preliminary plan and make alterations, answer questions, and give an overview of how to use TrainingPeaks.

Recurring Training

I prefer providing workouts through a 3-5 week block all at once. This allows you, the athlete, to see the progression throughout the training cycle and see long in advance if there are scheduling conflicts that require alterations. By seeing the progression all at once, it will be much easier to make changes based on how performances in the early part of the training cycle go; if the first workout is almost a maximum effort, we may have to scale the progression back a little, or if the first workout is far too easy, may be a more aggressive progression is necessary. 


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